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Big Heart Prospect

Our Executive Director, James Gentry, has put the finishing touches on a letter of intent for an IT services company after the CEIDC board voted to authorize the director to move forward. The ultimate goal of this prospective employer is to add 100 new IT jobs to the Crockett community within its first four years of operation here. 

The company's executives came to visit Crockett and meet with the CEIDC on February 15th to review aspects of what the city and CEIDC could do to attract them to our area.The company is highly motivated and ready to expand. One of the executives in attendance, who would potentially be the manager here in Crockett, engaged a local realtor to begin looking for a home to purchase in the area.

"If we can land a business (that provides 100+ jobs), we all win. Anything we can do to make this happen and not lose this deal should be done. The city is committed, and I'm willing to work alongside Mr. Gentry to make this happen," said city administrator John Angerstein.