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Gearing Up for Boot Camp

There’s no need to trek across the country, move to a large metropolitan area or have a previous background in IT for a rewarding and meaningful career. Thanks to Onshore Outsourcing's innovative Boot Camp Training program you can do that right here in Crockett, Texas. 

According to Bryan Hermann with Onshore, Boot Camps will take place roughly every 9 weeks, with the first one kicking off on June 3rd. Training will take place from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Though the first camp is full, with 15 of the area's top recruits, the waiting list for upcoming Boot Camps is growing daily.

Onshore's customized learning methods apply “real world” problem solving to develop critical thinking skills and help mold IT professionals who are driven by continuous improvement, development and competition. The training programs cover today’s most utilized technologies, including .Net and Java for Onshore software development. Onshore Outsourcing's clientele includes prominent Fortune 500 companies from various industries including banking, healthcare, and food service.

Upon successful completion of Boot Camp, top performers may be offered immediate software development positions within the company. In addition to software development, Onshore will be bringing Help Desk positions to the Crockett campus as well.